Getting Healthy


We have recently started our Fundamental Movement Sessions each day. If this is new to you, it is related to the “Munch & Move” Program.  “Munch & Move is NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time (e.g. watching TV or DVDs, playing on computers and small hand-held games devices).”

There are five key messages from this program:

  • Choose water as a drink
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Choose healthier snacks
  • Get active each day
  • Turn off the television and computer and get active

Within our Fundamental Movement Sessions, we are focusing on getting active with the children, whilst exposing them to the fundamental movement skills.  These skills are mentioned in the PDHPE curriculum across the Primary School years: “students need to master certain fundamental movement skills if they are to enjoy the wide range of physical activities, sports and recreational pursuits offered in our communities”.  

We are aware that planning for physical activity at the Preschool needs to be made up of both structured (i.e. intentionally taught) physical activity and unstructured, spontaneous activity.  In addition, we as active role models, educators can encourage children to participate in physical activity. 

Fundamental Movement Skills are categorised as locomotor, stability and manipulative:

Locomotor skills are movements that transport the body from one place to another – running, jumping, galloping, leaping, hopping and side-sliding.

Manipulative skills are movements that involve giving/receiving force to/from object – catching, underarm rolling, dribbling, striking, kicking and throwing.

Stability skills are movements where the body remains in place, but moves around its horizontal and vertical axis – balancing, stretching and twisting.

These daily sessions involve warm up and cool down exercises, as well as breaking into teams to move around the planned activities, attempting at least two each day.  Aside from the benefits to physical development, these sessions are great fun!