Keeping our Children Safe in & around the Home

Home and Community Safety

Kidsafe NSW is dedicated to reducing the number and severity of unintentional child injuries through promoting child safety.

The safety of children may be effected by:

  • Unsafe environmental conditions - for example, access to dangerous items or situations that are inappropriate to the child's understanding and stage of development
  • Unsuitable activities - for example, using a pair of scissors. A small child may not be aware of the dangers involved. The activity does not match with the child’s abilities and stage of development
  • Lack of adult supervision - for example parents / carers may over-estimate their child’s abilities to cope in different situations or environments or underestimate the potential for dangers in various situations and environments to children.

Remember: children are very curious and will take every opportunity to learn and experience their environment. They can be ‘out of sight’ very quickly!


For more information on child safety in and around the home refer to the Kidsafe resources (information, printable sheets, video clips & songs):